Jürgen ReisAudio Engineer

Hannover, Germany


  • My audiophile recordings are always focused on the essentials and authenticity of the music to capture the sound in that way as it is perceived live.

    This is in my opinion the only way to comprehend the music in its flow and grasp the message and the personality of the musician so that they can be transferred to the listeners and touch them emotionally.
  • My philosophy is "Against Loudness War": no compressors, and keeping the natural dynamics.

    The recording, mixing and mastering were made without a compressor or limiter to preserve the original dynamics and to avoid "dilution" through equalisation of the dynamics.
  • "We support Real Stereo" means a true stereo recording with real spatial representation of the sound event.

    From the recording to the master, everything in "Real Stereo". No artificial stereo generation or spatial generation. A pure stereo recording for a pure stereo playback. A microphone set-up for equivalence stereophony. Equivalent attention to the phase and amplitude.